Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I started blogging on 14 June 2006 which means I have been an active blogger for about two years already. I started my first blog, "STESMA forever" after I reported back for duty in school after having obtained my Masters in Education degree. The reason for me doing so was because I was given the post of Media Teacher and at that time I felt that it was appropriate to set up a blog to enable people to know more about the goings-on in our school. At that time I had asked permission from our senior principal, Puan Siti Arfah, to do a blog about the school and she gave her blessings.
Today, slightly more than two years since my first post, I have conducted a few workshops and tutorials on how to start a blog for my colleagues and friends. Recently, even Puan Siti Arfah was tutored by me on how to create her blog. Yeah, some of my friends call me Sifu in their blogs. Heh! Heh! I am so tickled by it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to conjure up the image of me being a Blogging Sifu. Well, that is the way of the world. We never know what is going to happen in future or what will happen to us. That is what makes life so interesting and exciting.
Here are a few more Blog addresses of my students that you might like to visit. I will be supplying more URLs in future.

Puan Kamariah's blog:

Puan Khairiah's blog:

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