Saturday, July 26, 2008


The above is the message conveyed by the director of the Technical and Vocational Education Division, Dato' Hj. Yusoff bin Harun today during a working visit to SM Teknik Kuala Kangsar today. Dato' Hj Yusoff addressed the members of the hall who comprised of principals, teachers and staff from all the technical schools in Perak.

The director outlined the path ahead for technical and vocational schools in Malaysia. He stated that the performance of such schools has not been up to mark and has told all those present to buck up and do something positive to ensure the survival of such types of schools in the country. Dato' Yusoff meant business and he was not one to mince his words. He was precise and to the point and the message that he wanted to send to those present was very direct and clear. He also issued ultimatums to the principals and teachers to be passionate and professional in carrying out their duties. Those that do not meet his standards would be asked to leave the technical division of the education system and go to day schools since they are not committed to the cause of putting vocational and technical studies at the forefront.

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