Saturday, July 26, 2008

After attending the session with Dato' Haji Yusoff bin Harun at SM Teknik Kuala Kangsar, Puan Kamariah, Puan Shamiza and I decided to do a mini tour of the royal town of Perak before we went back to Manjung.
We went to the souvenir shops to look at the craft items on sale. You can see the lovely items made from wood, clay, rattan and other natural materials that were sold there. I had wanted to buy a basket to put my umbrellas but decided against it as I think I have far too many things in my house. Must learn to be frugal nowadays. I want to save my money to watch Fahrenheit in concert in September.
After that we went to a food court to sample the famous Kuala Kangsar Laksa and the Cendol there. Puan Shamiza had Pasembur. After the meal, Puan Kamariah and Puan Shamiza wanted to perform their Zohor prayers at the Ubudiah Mosque and I got the opportunity to walk around this beautiful mosque and take pictures, of course (see the next post for the pictures I took). Before we left, I got to get down from the car and take a few snaps of the royal palace.

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