Thursday, August 14, 2008


I bought the kesidang plant (also known as kerak nasi and pokok tikar seladang) this morning as I wanted more new plants to add to those in the Herb Garden.
'Kesidang ‘ or ‘canangrium scortechinii’ is a special small plant . The stems are small yet hard and the branch blooms on the tip. This plant consist a type of latex, the leaves are similar to the 'sirih’ and it gives shade to other trees nearby . It’s small shape and soft characteristic makes it the choice of decoration in high and respected places.
The traditional community of Melaka uses the ‘Kesidang flower’ to groom the female’s hair, bride’s accessories and ritual ceremonies such as ‘tapak sirih’ and ‘bunga rampai’.
'Kesidang’ represents the humble character and personality of the people of Melaka whom are friendly and courteous.
This tiny white flower has very nice fragrance like the pandan or pandanus leaves. The tiny white flowers can be used to keep as potpourri because they smell so nice!

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