Sunday, August 03, 2008

Calling Cikgu Rosli to tell him that his cats have been fed
Miss Cheah, the cat-sitter
Cat-sitter and assistants
Juliana remembers me
Come and get your food!!!
Looking at the strangers feeding his brothers and sister
Cikgu Rosli and Puan Mashita's cats
Scared but fierce
The girls feeding Murkha
Petting Juliana

Cikgu Rosli Samot is away in Penang attending a one week course. His wife, Puan Mashita Abdullah, will be in Mauritius to present a paper at an educational convention. And they have gotten Miss Cheah to be their cat-sitter.
I went with four of our girls to their house this evening. I did not want to go alone as their neighbours might think that a Chinese lady is breaking into Cikgu Rosli's house. If I brought the girls in their batik asrama they would realise that we were from the school.

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