Monday, August 04, 2008

Dishing out cat food
Hey boy! What are you doing opening my cage door?
Don't come any closer!!!
We'll use the cloth to prevent from being bitten or scratched
Slowly open the door and take out the litter box
See the fierce angry look!!!
Success at last! Got the litter box out and managed to empty the poo

I had asked Safwan if he was willing to go with me to change the litter boxes for Cikgu Rosli's cats as I knew that his dad worked as a vet and he might know what to do. Last night Puan Mashitah had called me and said that she was afraid that Murkha and Ikram might attack if we were to open their cages and so I knew we had to be careful. Safwan said he was willing to help and also Solihin. He said that he had cats at home and was used to doing this type of work.
When we reached the house, I told the boys that we would test the waters first. If we opened the cage doors and the cats appeared as if they were going to pounce then we'd only feed them and change the water. At first we were apprehensive and slowly spoke with both Ikram and Murkha to create better rapport. We had no problem with Juliana as she is very tame and used to being petted. We planned our strategy on how to go about the task. Finally, we agreed to use a thick cloth for protection. But we found out that both the cats were just as afraid as us and as a matter of fact Murkha and Ikram were both shaking with fear. That made our task easy and in no time the litter boxes were emptied, the food and water refilled. Murkha even let Solihin and Safwan pet him.

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