Friday, August 08, 2008


August 8th has a very special meaning for me as it was my late father's birthday. My second sister's son, Kristofer Wong, was also born on August 8. 1997 which means he shares the same birthday as his grandpa.

When my dad was alive, we would have a special family dinner to celebrate with him. My dad loved to take photographs and that was how he met my mum. My mum told me that she had asked one of her friends by the name of Sunny to take photographs of her and my Aunt Linda. Apparently, I need to thank this Uncle Sunny as he was unable to keep his appointment and instead asked his good friend who was also a photography enthusiast to go in his place. And that was how Mr Cheah met Mrs Cheah, fell in love and later got Miss Cheah.

Look at the wedding photo of my mum and dad above. Don't you agree that they are a good looking couple? My mum's relatives say I look like her but my dad's students say I look like him. Me? I think I look a bit like him and a bit like her - sort of like a composite.

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