Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puan Siti Arfah and the lady badminton players
Hey! Who else has not put their luggage yet?
Pengikut tetap Papa.
Going by car
Ai! Bantal busuk also want to take along.
Coach and apprentice
The well-wishers sending the team off
Pn Kamariah, Pn Rasilah and Miss Cheah
One for the road
Cikgu Fadhlur, En Rafdzi, Tn Hj Mustafa andCikgu Zulkifli


Our teachers and staff who will be taking part in PESKAT 2008 started off for Batu Pahat this morning at around 8.00 a.m. Puan Siti Arfah and some of the other teachers were there to see them off. Our teachers will be participating in badminton and football. A safe journey and good luck to them.

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