Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think I am beginning to sound like a broken tape recorder that keeps repeating "Put the books and newspapers where they belong after you have used them" but it seems that each day, we at the library have to look for the misplaced books in other shelves and also on the tables and other places in the library. We are teaching "Civics" to the students and hopefully the teachers involved would try and instil some sense of civic-mindedness in their wards.
The whole of this morning and afternoon, our Cik Siah had to rearrange all the books and also sort them out again. She has other things to do and cannot be just doing this all day long. Sometimes, it is Ustazah Roslina and I who do this menial task along with the other librarians. Let this be a reminder to all to be more considerate as the library is a public place and its facilities are used by all.

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