Monday, August 18, 2008


I bought some pulasan or poolasan (Nephelium mutabile Blume) from the supermarket today. It is in season now and I do make it a point to buy some to eat as I like the taste. The pulasan looks like the rambutan and is actually from the same family as it and the lychee.
Like the lychee and rambutan, it is sweet and delicious and is found in Southeast Asian countries. Besides eating the flesh, the seed of the pulasan can also be eaten raw. It tastes like almonds. The flesh can be made into jam. Boiled or roasted pulasan seeds are used to prepare a cocoa-like beverage.
Medicinal Uses:
The leaves and roots are used in poultices. The root decoction is administered as a febrifuge and vermifuge. The roots are boiled with Gleichenia linearis Clarke, and the decoction is used for bathing fever patients.

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