Friday, May 29, 2009


My Muslim friends would usually say Insyallah which means God Willing or By God's Grace that we have been able to achieve success. Well, I really have to say that it is really by God's Grace that we became the Perak Champions for the Pertandingan Pusat Sumber Cemerlang for Urban schools. All the other schools that we competed against had very good resource centres with their own plus points and I guess we were luckier this time around. Of course, all the committee members worked very hard and as a result we got rewarded for the fruit of our labour.
We had a small celebration in the evening and got Puan Siti Arfah to cut a cake. Before cutting the cake, she made a wish that we would go from strength to strength and do well in the national level competition. We plan to have a small feast for all the PS team when school reopens in the middle of June.


hazlin said...

congratulations Li Na and PSS team..
you deserve it.. :)

Miss Cheah said...

Thank you very much. We will try our very best for the national level competition.