Thursday, June 04, 2009


The lovely pot orchid with two sprays of yellow flowers forming a victory sign belongs to my mum. She bought it on the last day of the Orchid Fair which was held at the Indera Mulia Stadium compound. It appeared the owner wanted to sell it off eventhough it had won second prize in the competition for its category. Shows that the person doesn't really value the plant. If anything I planted were to have even won a consolation prize, I'd treasure it and would not sell it even for a fortune. Anyway, the orchid now belongs to my mum who I assure you is someone who will really appreciate it. Believe me when I say she goes out to her garden to look at the plant a few times each day and shows it off to all her friends in the neighbourhood. Oh! She distinctly told me to stress that she did not plant it as it would not be ethical for her to claim credit for someone else's effot. For your information, she bought it for only RM20.00. Surprising, isn't it?

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