Monday, June 22, 2009

Azizol, Hazwan and Cikgu Suhaimi

In the above pictures, Cikgu Suhaimi is busy giving tips to Hazwan and Azizol before they leave for Sintok, Kedah at 11 this morning.
Muhamad Hazwan bin Halim from 5JER has been selected to represent out school in a national level competition titled "Pertandingan Kemahiran Malaysia Pra Kelayakan 2009" which will be held at Akademi Binaan Malaysia, Wilayah Utara in Sintok from 22 to 26 June, 2009.
Another of our student, Azizol, might also be entered for the competition since we got news that one shortlisted candidate from another technical school is going to pull out from the competition.
The students will be accompanied by Cikgu Suhaimi and Cikgu Razak. Here is wishing good luck to them.

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