Monday, July 27, 2009

Cikgu Zulkifli and Cikgu Siti Mariam both belong to a very elite club in our school. The name of their club is the "No Sweet" Club. To be eligible to be a member, one must have a low tolerance for things that are sweet.
Cikgu Zul is a high ranking committee member and here he is beckoning to all the teachers to eat the fruit.
Cikgu Zul can see but cannot eat the fruit.
Cikgu Zul: Bbbbb... I must not eat the durian, I must not eat the durian.
Cikgu Zul: Aiyoh! Banyak susah tengok dan bau durian ni. Tapi tak boleh makan.
Cik Siti: See this is only the first one.
Yummy, yummy. Only the second seed of durian.
Okay! Okay! One's so delicious.
I only took a few compared to those guys there. They must have ate one whole durian each.
Cikgu Siti Mariam: This is the last one. If you don't see me coming to school tomorrow, please check up on me at my house. It would most probably be the durians making the sugar level in my body go crazy.

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