Saturday, July 25, 2009


The happy pictures of me above were taken by Cikgu Ishak Salasa in the library last week. Unfortunately I am not as happy as I was then. Actually I am feeling really sad and down. Why? This is because I found out that one of my aunts is suffering from third stage womb cancer and the doctor said that she has at the most 5 years to live if she undergoes radiotherapy treatment immediately.
A couple of weeks ago she phoned from Kuala Lumpur to tell me that she was suffering from insomnia and also had lost her appetite. I told her to come back to Ipoh and consult the gynaecologist who operated on her womb in June last year. Her daughter also told her that she had to see the gynae for a check-up to find the root of the problem. Diagnose the problem he did and now it seems that it would take a miracle for her to recover.
BUT I have decided that no matter what I shall try all sorts of ways to help find a way to make her well. Feng Shui, herbs, religion, eastern medicine, western medicine, miracle healers ... I will make sure that we give them all a try. Her son breaking down on the phone when he told me the grim news haunted me the whole of yesterday. Somehow, my family and I will have to be strong to weather this latest family crisis.

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