Wednesday, July 01, 2009


This is the third day we are selling the herbal drinks as an entrepreneurship exercise for the library. We had actually wanted to get the students to sell the drinks during recess time but when Tuan Haji Hasnin, Puan Siti Rosnani and I were scooping the drinks into the plastic cups, the students who had finished their Physical Education came and bought drinks from us. Then the teachers who were walking past the library also came. Puan Asiah carried some of the drinks to the office to get the staff there to buy. By recess time there were only about 15 glasses left.

Usually it was Puan Bazuaniza and I who would prepare the herbal drinks but since she is attending an ICT course in Ipoh, Tuan Haji Hasnin and Puan Siti Rosnani helped to prepare the Chrysanthemum tea and the Keremak Merah drink. I made the Loh Hon Kuo Drink.

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