Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I brought the officers from the PKGs to visit a few of the Resource Centre network (Rangkaian Pusat Sumber) in the afternoon and they were pretty impressed by what they saw. Besides the library, SALC, Computer Lab, Herb Garden, Cactus Garden and Gallery, the two judges for the Pertandingan Anugerah Pusat Sumber Cemerlang Competition will also be visiting the following network next week:
  1. The Guidance and Counselling Unit,
  2. ICT Unit,
  3. MPAV Workshop,
  4. Mathematics Laboratory,
  5. Chemistry Laboratory,
  6. Surau,
  7. Two of the Form 5 classes with mini libraries,
  8. Serambi Ilmu, Sudut Ilmu (at the canteen),
  9. Therapeutic Park,
  10. Science Laboratory.

For your information the whole school is the resource centre with the library acting as the main. Each and every part of the school is a source of information and knowledge.

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