Thursday, July 30, 2009


20 years of marriage is strong proof that the couple above has been able to be together through good times and bad times. I was told that Tuan Haji Musthafa met Puan Hajjah Zamrudah when both of them were at Teacher's Training College and Tuan Haji fell head over heels in love with his petite classmate.
The product of this happy union is three children, the eldest is 19 and the youngest 6. Both of them will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on 30 September this year. Here is wishing them many more happy years together.

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roslanun_63 said...

ooo ni yg dikatakan pasangan romantik tu yek....
semoga bahagia dan dimurahkan rezeki ok..
bak kata pepatah org melayu,,,,," makin boroi makin sayang"...kan...kan..