Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miss Cheah giving instructions to the students
Pn Kamariah giving out the Task sheet
Question: How to get my JER students to refer to the dictionary?
Answer: Get them to take part in the K-Hunt!
What is the name of the Calabash in Chinese?
Smiling sweetly for the camera
Hey! This is Cikgu Siti Mariam's car, not Miss Cheah's car
Looking for the information from the dictionaries
Looking for names of plants
Hey! What type of herbal drinks are sold every Wednesday?
Looking up the meanings of words
Filling in the answers
Getting ready to hand up their Task sheet to Miss Cheah.

Puan Kamariah and I carried out the K-Hunt last night. A total of 45 students took part in the competition. The students who were in groups of 3 were given a Task Sheet. There were two phases in the task they had to do. The answers for the first phase could be gotten from around the school area. For the second phase, the students had to look for the answers in the library.

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