Monday, July 27, 2009

Cikgu Ghazali: Yikes! Are they still talking about how to say 'P'?
Cikgu Zulkifli Ismail: Hey! I thought you would be giving me the Power Root coffee instead of the DXN Coffee.
Cikgu Ishak Ismail: Tak bolehlah, Abang. All the Power Root Coffee labels have been sent for the Power Root Millionaire contest. I want to become very rich before I turn 40.
Abang Zul: Hmm... then you must start practising with the power ball. This time you must not get cramps.
Abang Is: Yeah! Good idea! Where can I buy the Power Ball?
Cikgu Zul: No problem to find the Power Ball. Can get it easily at the Sports shop. What you need is to build up your energy and stamina.
Abang Is: Any suggestions?
Cikgu Zul: I suggest you go and ask Miss Cheah to recommend some herbs from the Taman Herba. She must be eating some powerful herbs since she is like the Energizer Bunny. You say you sleep only 4 hours a day. We all know she sleeps less than that. Look at the time she does her blog.
Abang Is: I am born in the year of the Cow but I don't want to eat all the Ulam and Kerabu that Miss Cheah is making everyone eat. Yucks! I don't like to eat raw grass and leaves. I will stick with the Power Root Tongkat Ali.

Miss Cheah: I think Power Root, DXN and Energizer should pay me for advertising about their products in this blog. Hu! Hu! Hu!
*** The contents of the conversation above were fabricated by Miss Cheah to entertain the readers and were not what transpired between the two sons of Ismails.

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