Monday, August 10, 2009

M. Amirul Izzulis b Md. Iskandar the 2200 user of the library being presented with a gift by Puan Asiah during recess time.
Muhammad Zaidi bin Ahmad Rozi the 2000 user of the library
Nur Amirah binti Mohd Azmee the 2100 user of the library

Besides getting knowledge from the library a few of our students were also presented with prizes for using it. We have a long standing contest for every 100th user of the library. So far this year, the students have diligently filled in their names whenever they use the library. I must mention that quite a number of students who won prizes were librarians. Why? It is because these boys and girls use the library very often, even when they are not on duty.
Here are the winners of the every 100th library user prizes:
1700 Daniel Ar-Razah bin Nasri (5KE2)
1800 Mohd Shahrizal Abdullah (5VE2)
1900 Muhamad Hafizuddin bin Muhd Azam (5KE3)
2000 Muhammad Zaidi bin Ahmad Rozi (5VE2)
2100 Nur Amirah binti Mohd Azmee (5VE2)
2200 M. Amirul Izullis b Md Iskandar (4VE5)
2300 Siti Kholijah bt Idris (5KE8)
2400 Nurul Azira binti Aminuddin (4VE5)
2500 Mohammad Syarifuddin b Ahmad Khairi (4VE5)

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