Saturday, August 15, 2009


Do you know that my friends, colleagues, acquaintances and students recognise me even when I am wearing a mask, a cap plus glasses? I really wonder why the characters in the comics cannot tell that Superman, Wonderwoman, Zorro, Robin and other masks heroes are people that they know.
Yesterday when I went out to buy breakfast, one of our former students, Khairil, who was helping out at his father's stall called out to me. He said, "Teacher, you sick uh? Why you wear a mask?"
This afternoon when I went to the Pharmacy to buy more masks, one of my teacher friends, Puan Jackie from SMK Convent, recognised me immediately. See! I think I am easily recognisable unlike the superheroes. Sigh! I will never get to be Wonder Woman. Hey! Come to think of it, she and Superman don't wear masks at all. And people can't make them out. This is stretching ones imagination too much.

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