Monday, August 10, 2009

Here is a reminder for all the teachers, staff and students of our school. Don't forget to wear your masks especially if you go to public places like the supermarket, departmental stores and cinema.
Let me tell you an incident which happened to me last Saturday. I had gone to the Pasar Tani near the Ipoh Stadium in the morning and was looking at some clothes being sold at a stall. Suddenly, I heard three Indonesian ladies staring at me and they were also laughing. They thought I was some Chinese Ah So who did not understand their Indonesian dialect. Anyway, they said while laughing at me, "Tak betul orang ini. Pakai Maskar di pasar". I wonder if they are aware of the danger posed by the H1N1 virus. To them I may look funny and be their source of joke but I wonder who is the one who is really "Tak Betul" (Crazy)

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