Wednesday, August 05, 2009


To prevent H1N1, people should practice common sense hygiene – wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, and stay home when ill to avoid spreading illness.

In general influenza can cure by itself. However, you need to get immediate treatment at the hospital if you are having the following symptoms:
  1. Respiratory Illness: nasal congestion, lips turning bluish/purplish in colour.

  2. Coughing our blood or phlegm with blood.

  3. Continuous chest pains.

  4. Frequent diarrhoea or vomiting.

  5. Continuous fever for more than 3 days or fever recurring after three days of recovery.

  6. Abnormal behaviour, confused, not too responsive to stimulus or fits.

  7. Dizziness when standing.

  8. Joint Aches


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