Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Like the way Puan Asiah Sungep and I have taken to caring for the Calabash Plant that is looking fragile, the teachers and staff of our school have been going to visit Cikgu Sulaimi and his wife and offering words of comfort.

All of us know that we cannot do much but at least a kind word here and there, our willingness to listen and to offer our support would be very much appreciated by Cikgu Sulaimi and Puan Asiah (Ella).

Puan Asiah Sungep, Puan Kamariah, Puan Bazuaniza and I had gone in the morning to visit them but they had gone to Takaful to see to their late son's affairs but we were determined to go again to see them and decided to go later. We managed to see them in the afternoon. However, Puan Bazuaniza could not make it as she had to go to the clinic. Instead, Cik Siti Fairos went with us.

Cikgu Sulaimi told us that he was really touched by all the kindness and concern shown by his colleagues from STESMA. He said that Cikgu Mokhtar, one of our former colleagues, brought his family back from Putrajaya to attend Amirul's funeral. Our lab assistant, Encik Sazali, was by his side to help him with all the official matters and kept him company until after the funeral. In fact many of the teachers and staff were at the hospital and also at the cemetery last Thursday. We were told that Cikgu Hakim visited a couple of times and so has Puan Alisa.

He told me that a few of the former students had called him to offer their condolences after reading the news in STESMA forever. Well, I am sure that he will be getting support and encouragement from all of us in the days to come.

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