Monday, August 24, 2009

At the Ipoh Stadium Bazaar
A section of the crowd at the Ipoh Stadium Bazaar
A cucur udang store at the Ayer Tawar Bazaar
Cucur Udang
Chicken rice
Fried chicken, nuggets, fishballs, etc
The Ayer Tawar Ramadhan Bazaar

I look forward to the month of Ramadhan each year. Why? Because this is the time that I get to visit the Ramadhan Bazaars that are set up for the Muslims to buy food and drinks to break their fast.
I make it a point to visit as many such bazaars as I could to see what they have for sale. So far I visited the one near the Ipoh Stadium last Saturday and today I was at the bazaar in Ayer Tawar.
There are so many varieties of food offered for sale that one is spoilt for choice. Personally, I feel that one would enjoy and relish the food more after fasting from sunrise to sunset. When school reopens I'll fast for a few days with my colleagues and my students. I did mention that fasting is one of the best ways to detoxify and also one can lose weight.

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