Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Right way with coloured side out, wrong with with uncoloured side out.
The coloured side should be worn out
The white side should be worn in

After the debating session about how to wear the face mask, I went to the Manjung District Hospital to ask the Pharmacist on duty at the dispensary on the right way to wear the mask. Well, she told me that the right way was to have the coloured side out to filter all the unwanted germs and bacteria. So, Tuan Haji Hasnin and Mr Nyana was right after all.
Here is information on how to wear the mask that I got from the Internet:
Masks: The mask should fit snugly over the face. Place the colored side out and the metal strip at the top. Position the strings to keep the mask firmly in place over the nose, mouth and chin. Mold the metallic strip to the bridge of the nose. Do not touch the mask again until it is removed. When removing, avoid touching the front of the mask. Discard the mask and wash your hands. If your mask becomes damaged or soiled while in an at-risk area, move away from the potential source of infection. Go to a safe area and remove the mask. Wash your hands, and replace with a new mask.

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