Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When I brought the librarians to visit the Golden Hope Pink Guava Plantation a few months back I did not bring along a school plaque to present to the officer in charge. This was because it rained heavily on that day and I was drenched. I went home to change my clothes and by the time I arrived back at the school everyone was on the bus and I did not have time to go get the plaque from Puan Norbaiti at the office. Anyway, I told Encik Fairul that I would be bringing the plaque after the trip. However, I was very busy with preparations for the judging and then there was the closure of the school.
I told myself that no matter what I have to honour my words to Encik Fairul as like the Malay saying "Kata mesti dikota". I had actually invited Puan Asiah, Puan Kamariah and Puan Bazuaniza to go with me to visit Cikgu Sulaimi and his wife at their kampung house in the morning but when we went there the couple had gone to Takaful. So instead I asked them to go with me to the Golden Hope Plantation in Sungai Wangi. Only Puan Kamariah went with me as Puan Asiah had to go home for her break and Puan Bazuaniza had to go to the clinic.
Anyway to make a long story short, I finally managed to present the plaque to one of the representatives of the company and so I have kept my word. And Puan Kamariah got to take a picture in front of the Guava tree planted by Pak Lah.

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