Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Currently in Ipoh the price of old newspapers is between 20 sen to 25 sen a kilogramme which is a good price. However, the price has been known to dip to as low as 10 sen a kilogramme. One of our ministers, Dato Kong Cho Ha mentioned that in Malaysia we get to sell our old newspapers. He said that in many other countries, the people just send them for recycling. Well, I found out that we can also make beautiful craft pieces from newspapers when I visited a promotional booth at the Malaysian Handicraft promotion last Friday. The craft pieces that you see below were done by Puan Fatimah who is pictured above with me. I am thinking of inviting her to our school to give a workshop to the teachers. She is willing if I can get 20 people to take part. The fee is RM200 per hour for a one hour session. For your information, Puan Fatimah has given such a workshop to the teachers at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Seri Iskandar this year.

A bag from old newspaper
Yeah, this is really made from newspaper
Newspaper lampshades and vases
Gift boxes
Puan Fatimah making keychains from the newspapers
A stalk of rose
Big basket woven from newspaper
A five foot high vase

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hazlin said...

wah! so creative!
Li Na, I think you can ask our students to do so...
utk isikan masa terluang...