Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yesterday my boys helped me to pack things for 10 elderly ladies at the welfare home. The ladies are aged between 70 to 86. I was told that they were very poor and because of that the people at the welfare home had given them a place to stay.
When Ustaz Syed told me about their situation I decided to bring them some festive cheer by buying them some prezzies for the festive season. Together with a few of the teachers, we pooled together some money to buy them Raya cookies, Bahulu, Egyptian dates, serkup, Milo, Coffee, biscuits and medicated oil.
This morning the boys sent the goodie bags to Ustaz Syed so that he could distribute them to the ladies. The teachers and I feel that since we are in a position to contribute we better do so while we have the means. One never knows if they should come a time when one comes into hard times and then maybe there would be other kind souls who would do something to bring a bit of cheer into their lives.

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