Monday, October 26, 2009


On Saturday, Puan Nor Hazlin sent me an sms to let me know that she visited Cikgu Ali's daughter at the Permaisuri Bainun Hospital and informed me that the girl is in Ward 6A. Eventhough I was in Ipoh at that time, I did not want to go and visit the girl as I was suffering from influenza. I am not too sure what the little girl is suffering from and so I did not want to infect her with the flu given that her resistance level is very low.
For your information, I got the flu from Sharveen who had a bad case of it last week. He was going around without a face mask which made the spread of the virus even faster. I gave him a lecture about wearing a mask so as not to infect the others as this is a crucial time for those who will be sitting for the SPM and also the teachers who need to carry out the extra classes.

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