Monday, October 05, 2009

Miss Cheah and her new glasses
What was left of the shoplots as seen from the optical shop
A closer look at the rubble

When I went to get my new glasses from the optical shop which is located along Jalan Kamaruddin in Fair Park, Ipoh I saw that what was left of a row of prewar shop houses nearby was only rubble. I thought that there were demolished earlier in the week. However, I was wrong after I read the newspapers.
It seemed that the whole row of shophouses collapsed on Friday night. Two young men died and another injured in the incident. The driver who survived said that he stopped the car when the traffic light turned red. Unfortunately, that was when the building started to collapse and a big piece of the building fell on to the car. He managed to get out of the car by kicking the door open. His two friends were not so lucky as they were crushed to death by the falling building. I read that three other vehicles were also damaged but the passengers were unhurt.

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