Thursday, October 01, 2009


I sprained my arm last week when I was moving the furniture in my house and it has not completely healed. As a result I find it difficult to lift heavy things. If I happen to overstrain my right arm, I feel a sharp pain.
This afternoon, two of my students from 5JER, Azizol and Sofian volunteered to help me clean and tidy my garden. I picked them up from the hostel after they got the signature for their outing book from the warden.
The two boys got to work immediately after they reached my house. I was surprised at how good they were at cleaning and then reorganising the plants and pots in my place. Azizol helped to plant some of the new plants that I bought from the market while Sofian pulled out the weeds and dead leaves from my potted plants. I thought they were good at wiring but believe me they can do gardening as well.After two hours of toil, my garden looked cleaner, neater and tidier thanks to their effort.
I later treated the two of them to dinner at MacDonalds. Thanks to them my garden is looking more like a garden instead of a mini jungle.

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