Friday, November 06, 2009


This afternoon, Puan Khairah, Puan Kamariah and I went to the homes of two of our students, Shamirul and Fazri, whose names were in the HALUS Programme but did not turn up for the classes. We wanted to know why their attendance in school was poor and wanted to make sure that they come for classes so that they will pass their Bahasa Melayu and English language papers. Both students were given Bahasa Melayu notes and workbooks by our Master Teacher for Bahasa Melayu to help them with their revision.
We know that failure in the Bahasa Melayu paper would mean that the students will not pass the SPM. If they fail the English language paper, they would have trouble gaining admittance to an institution of higher learning.
For your information, the students and parents whose houses we visited were stunned to find three of the teachers from school paying them a social call. Anyway, they said that they would be making an effort to come regularly for classes and to put more effort in their studies.

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