Monday, November 16, 2009


It is because of the rainy season that our plants are growing well. Puan Asiah and I would go and check on the plants in the Herb Garden and Fruit Garden every day. We hope that those who wish to take anything would ask us first before plucking the fruits, flowers or leaves.
Sometimes, I get very angry to find that some people have plucked all the fruits growing on the trees without asking anyone of us. I usually buy the plants from the nurseries or the Farmer's Market. For your information, the money I use to buy the plants is from Puan Siti Arfah, the sales of herbal drinks or me. There is no special fund for buying plants for the Herb Garden. Sometimes, some of the teachers donate the plants to us.
Our Ustazs and Ustazahs always tell everyone to make sure that the food that we take should be halal. They told me that this also includes how the food is gotten and so if it is taken without permission, then the food will not be halal.
Most of the teachers and staff will usually ask for permission and then write their names in the record book for our Herb Garden before they take anything from the garden. Then again there are people who don't. I think everyone owes this little courtesy to the people who bought and planted the trees and also looked after them.

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