Thursday, November 12, 2009


The selection of librarians from the Form 4 students was finalised this afternoon. The final-line up is listed below:
1. Mohamamad Hafizzurrahman bin Mohd. Hashim
2. Mohammad Syarifuddin bin Ahmad Khairi
3. Abdul Hadi bin Azman
4. Muhammad Yazid bin Mohd Sabri
5. Mohd. Amir bin Noor Azman Shah
6. Mohmad Azizol b. Shahrin
7. Nurul Syafiqah binti Sabli
8. Nur Dayana binti Aini
9. Nora Mahiza a/p Long
10. Sakila binti Hendry
11. Vandana a/p Ramanujam
12. Nurkhamisah Hanis bt Mohamad Rosli
13. Nurul Ain (4EI)


Qaseh Hamraa said...

dear miss cheah,
I've read your post in 2007 and found Puan azurin's pic. I'ma fren of her and would like to contact her.Can you please give her my email to her if she's stil in the same school of yours.Tq very much

Miss Cheah said...

Okay! I'll pass on your message to her.