Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am pictured with Cik Naimah from Toyota Servicing Centre. This afternoon, I sent my Vios for servicing after the car meter showed 33,000 kilometres on the road. My friends in Ipoh asked me why I did not send my car to the Service Centre in Ipoh as it would be more convenient. However, I told them that I am used to the people in Manjung. When I am there I get to meet with Encik Azran, the liason officer, and Su, the salesman who sold me the car. They have become my friends and this is the time I get to chat with them. I am also familiar with Miss Vani and Cik Naimah, the customer service staff there. Also, my friend Mrs Wong whose house is nearby came and kept me company while my car was being serviced. I would have been bored silly if I were to send my car for servicing in Ipoh.

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