Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is the first picture I posted when I first created the STESMA forever blog on 14 June, 2006. This was taken during the wedding of my former students, Syful Adly and Salasiah. Pictured with us are his classmates and also the students from the class that I was the Form teacher. For your information, that was the only class in which I was the Form teacher and all the boys and girls of 5Teknik6 1996/1997 are very dear and special to me.

I would like to do the last post for STESMA forever by posting a picture of me with Syful and Salasiah when they visited me during the Hari Raya Holidays this year. See they have given me two very beautiful grand-daughters. I am hoping for more grandchildren from my other students to add to my family.
Likewise, whether we are STESMA or VOKASMA, all those who have passed this way will feel a special fondness and love for this place.
I end the STESMA forever blog and 2009, with hopes and prayers that you be blessed with good luck, good health and happiness always.
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