Tuesday, May 06, 2008

AGK 54

Look at Cikgu Rosli Samot's new car. It is a brand new Honda Civic which he took delivery of last Saturday. He and his wife, Puan Mashita, actually invited me along with them to the Honda showroom for the handing over ceremony. Unfortunately, I could not make it as I was in Ipoh with our debating team at Teknik Brash.

This morning when he came to school, a few of the teachers went to admire his posh new car. Puan Grace wanted to have a look at the boot and Cikgu Razak sat on the front seat to have a feel of this sleek machine. Of course, there are photos of Cikgu Rosli posing next to his new darling. He says that his wife will be driving the old Proton Wira. Tomorrow, Cikgu Rosli will be driving his new Honda to Kuala Lumpur as he has to attend an interview at Putrajaya.

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