Thursday, May 01, 2008

Even though today is a public holiday but our debaters were asked to come and practise this morning. We have no choice as we want to maintain the good name of our school. Imagine if we were to send a team of students who were not prepared or were not good enough. We would end up as the laughing stock of the technical fraternity. It is better we sacrifice some time and try and do the best to ensure that our students can debate well. It is not necessarily that they win. What is important is that they are well-prepared and try their best. Of our six debater, three do not live in the hostels.
Also thank goodness that Tuan Haji Hasnin was around to help Puan Kamariah with the training. I simply did not contribute much as I was busy helping Encik Anuar and Encik Nor Azman with the recording of the voiceover.

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