Thursday, May 01, 2008

Puan Rasilah, Encik Anuar and I had been working on the voiceover since yesterday morning. Believe me, it is not easy doing the voice over for a Corporate Video. It is very much different from doing live emceeing. Ask Puan Rasilah and she'd tell you so. Initially we wanted to do the recording of her reading the script yesterday evening but somehow Puan Rasilah felt that she needed more practice as she wanted to do a reasonably good job for the video and so we all decided to do the recording on Labour Day (see last picture).
So,this morning she had to come and practice with Encik Nor Azman to read and enunciate the words in the script before the recording session with Encik Anuar. They finally finished the recording at 2.15 p.m. Then Encik Anuar will have to go back and do the editing. Actually, I feel bad for making him and Encik Nor Azman work on a holiday. We will definitely invite them for a big jamuan during the Minggu Pusat Sumber which is scheduled in June.

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