Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every day in the newspapers we are bound to hear criticisms being hurled at entertainers, politicians, civil servants and people in general. No matter what anyone does, how hard they have done their work, how much they have sacrificed for their country ... there will surely be some people who are dissatisfied with them and that is where we have the snide remarks, the criticisms and all the unpleasant words that are hard on the ears and hurtful to the spirit.

There is one famous quote by American writer Elbert Hubbard which goes, "To escape criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing". Actually Hubbard was being sarcastic when he came up with this quote, he was actually trying to point out that in order to achieve something, one must be brave enough to do something, say something and be someone of significance and not let the opinions and criticisms of others hinder or stop them in the process . If they give in to the criticisms, they will end up not being brave enough to do anything or say anything. Ultimately they would end up being defeated by the critics.

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