Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday I and a few other teachers went with the librarians on a visit to the Taman Herba Negeri Perak. This is one of a few library activities that will be carried out to fulfil certain requirements for the management of the resource centre.
I was advised by the BTPN officers who came for the state level resource centre judging to have at least 5 activities for the librarians and if possible involve students involved from other committees like the prefects, PEERS and cooperative members. The purpose of such activities is to help expose the students to more educational resources and to help provide learning experiences for them. Previously I had only carried out one activity for the librarians and that was the visit to Universiti Teknology Petronas.
In the coming weeks the following activities will be carried out:
25th June:
Visit to the Guava Farm for the librarians in the afternoon (Teachers in charge: Miss Cheah, Miss Ng, Puan Asiah, Tn Haji Ahmad Hasnin). Other resource centre teachers who are interested to go for the visit, please contact Miss Cheah before the 22nd of June.
30th June:
Workshop for creating a website for librarians and prefects (in the afternoon)
2nd of July:
Talk on Information Literacy and Multimedia Resource for Form 4 students in the afternoon (Miss Cheah and Mr Daniel)
8th July:
Visit to Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Perak in Ipoh (Teachers involved: Miss Cheah, Puan Norma, Puan Norhafizah, Encik Daniel)
15th July:
Vertical File and Classification workshop for resource centre teachers and librarians (Teacher in charge: Ustazah Roslina)
23rd July:
Visit to Cameron Highlands for the class and students with the best readership in the NILAM programme (Teachers in charge: En Rosfarizan, Puan Rosnani)
27 - 31 July 2009
Minggu Pusat Sumber
So it will be a busy time for the library teachers beginning from next week.
Here are some pictures taken during our trip to Taman Herba Perak yesterday.

Amin and Nasrin next to the canoes near the Taman Herba Lake
Roselinda posing next to the stall selling herbal soaps
Signposts to the various spots in the Taman
Nasrin and Amirul enjoying the herbal drinks served by the Taman Herba people
Our students buying nasi lemuni from one of the stalls
Tn Haji Hasnin and some of the students looking at some herbs
Part of the entourage
Writing down information about herbs
A view of the stalls set up at the Taman Herba
Two School Cooperative members
Our librarians posing by the lakeside
Miss Cheah next to the Taman Herb signage
The boys taking a rest after walking around the 22 hectare Taman Herba
Miss Cheah with the Raja Kayu which Tuan Haji Ahmad Hasnin purchased for RM30

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