Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am deeply saddened to report that one of our students from the 2007-2008 cohort, the late Mohamad Nazemi B Mohamad Isa formerly of 5EK1 passed away last week. He was involved in a traffic accident. I was told that he would've gone and furthered his studies in the coming month but that was not to be. All those who read this can say a silent prayer for one of Nazemi who will forever be a part of STESMA history. His memory will always be with us in the pictures and stories contained in the STESMA forever blog.

Here is a class picture that I took of 5EK1 in October last year. If I am not mistaken, Jemi (his nickname) is the one jumping up holding the card in the picture. Cik Azazilah or Cik Siti Mariam, please correct me if I am mistaken as they too taught Nazemi.

May he Rest In Peace. Condolences to his family from the teachers, staff and students of Sekolah Menengah Teknik Seri Manjung

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