Thursday, July 02, 2009

Group photo outside the Factory
See the bags of pink guava juice that we bought
Puan Khairiah talking with En Baharuddin, one of the personnel who attended to us
Briefing by Encik Baharuddin
Pink Guava plant
Encik Baharuddin explaining about the guavas in the plantation
En Samsuddin
Zaidi, Ridhuan and Syariffudin
Nizam, Sofian, Azizol and Akmal
En Afifzan and Encik Firdaus
Our boys posing in front of some tanks of guava puree
Having a discussion with Encik Fairul at the conference room
En Fairol Anuar bin Dahlan, the Assistant Vice Present II for Sales Marketing & Business Strategy
Puan Siti Rosnani buying some pink guava juice to take home
Cik Azwa giving a presentation about the company and also about pink guavas The guava juice that is sold by the company
Our boys at the cafeteria
Tuan Haji Hasnin thanking the staff for their warm reception
Our boys posing in front of the guava tree planted by our former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi
The STESMA resource centre members went for a study trip to the Golden Hope Pink Guava Plantation at Kampung Sungai Wangi this afternoon. A total of 35 students, 6 teachers and 2 staff members from our school made the trip.
It was a learning experience for everyone as the field managers brought us all to look at the pink guava trees and gave us lengthy explanations about them. We later visited the factory where the pink guava puree were processed.
One of their staff members, Cik Azwa gave a presentation about the company and also the benefits of pink guava for health. After the presentation, we were treated to tea by our hosts. We all got to taste the delicious pink guava juice. Quite a number of us bought the guava juice which is sold at the factory.

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