Friday, August 21, 2009

Puan Hafizah and Puan Norma wrapping the prizes for the Gourd Colouring Contest. The goodies for the contestants were sponsored by Puan Siti Arfah.
Pn Norma explaning the rules to the contestants
The little ones getting ready to colour the gourds
Adi concentrating on his colouring
'Mengantuk' but still willing to colour
Colouring the leaves first
Colour, colour, colour
Enjoying the food prepared by the Resource Centre Committee Members
Cik Siti Mariam and Puan Asiah
Hmm... this tempura nugget is yummy
The fathers enjoying the food
Ammar was too shy to take part in the contest
Enjoying the fries, nuggets, cakes, fried bihun, leng chi kang and roselle juice
Ei! If they have another contest, we will come again
Ustaz Fauzi's wife came after he left to attend the funeral of Cikgu Sulaimi's son
This week is actually Resource Centre Week or Minggu Pusat Sumber. However due to the closure of our school from the 11th until 18th of August, 2009, the launching of the week on Friday, the talk on Herbs by Puan Idayati, the crossword puzzle contest could not be carried out. Actually, we were also supposed to take the students who had read the most books under the NILAM programme for a trip to Cameron Highlands on Wednesday but it has to be postponed due to the H1N1 virus. So we only managed to carry out two activities, that is, the colouring competition for the children of the teachers and staff and the tea reception for the committee members of the resource centre. Prior to this we had already carried out an exhibition on gourds and a count the gourd seed competition. The second issue of the PS newsletter was also released at the beginning of the month. Today we will close the week by preparing herbal drinks for the teachers.

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