Friday, August 21, 2009


Pn Norma was the fourth place winner in the Master Malaysia Competition
Cik Irma Suriani was placed third in the Master Malaysia Competition
Pn Kamariah Sulaiman presenting the prize to Cik Siti Mariam, the champion of the Master Malaysian Competition. She beat Tuan Haji Hasnin to win the title.
Miss Cheah posing with Puan Zaiton, our PIBG committee member, and her son

The prize giving ceremony for the Gourd Colouring Contest and Master Malaysia was carried out yesterday evening. Ustaz Lotpi was represented by Puan Kamariah Sulaiman to give away the prizes as he was at the funeral of Cikgu Sulaimi's son, Amirul. Tuan Haji Hasnin who was the first runner up of the Master Malaysia competition was also not present as he too was at the burial site.

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