Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss Cheah pictured with Cikgu Zawawi's wife and baby girl
Pn Kamariah with Siti Khairani Nasrin
Doesn't she look like Cikgu Zawawi?
Aiyoh! So cute!
Heh! Heh! Miss Cheah getting to hold baby Nasrin
Papa Awie with the apple of his eye
Cikgu Zawawi giving duit raya to the children
Actually, Cikgu Zawawi's official open house or 'rumah terbuka' was on Tuesday, 22nd September but I could not make it as I had visitors of my own on that day. However, I visited him, his wife and baby girl on Thursday with Puan Kamariah and her children after I went to her house in the morning.
Hmm ... I have quite a number of invitations to the Hari Raya celebrations next week and so watch out for more raya pictures soon.

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