Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss Cheah and Nurin Wafa
Tn Haji Hasnin
Koay Teow Curry cooked by Tn Haji Hasnin
Balqis and Nurin
With the hosts
Balqis Munirah at Tuan Haji Hasnin's house
Miss Cheah with two clones of Puan Kamariah
During the Ramadan month, I enjoying visiting the Bazaars set up to sell all the delicious food for breaking fast. Now we have entered the month of Syawal and I am starting my visits to the houses of the Muslim teachers, staff and friends to celebrate with them.
Yesterday, I visited Puan Kamariah's house and then went with her to Cikgu Zawawie's house in Lekir. Then we went to Tuan Haji Ahmad Hasnin's house in Pasir Panjang. After that I had to stop for the time being as my stomach was going to 'mogok' as it was working overtime processing all the food I was served by the hosts.

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