Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I can always rely on the teachers of STESMA to come forward to help should I ask them for it. This afternoon, Cikgu Ishak Salasa, Cikgu Suhaimi, Ustaz Zul, Puan Bazuaniza came to help both Puan Kamariah and I with the task of buying Raya clothes for the orphans.
Ustaz Zul helping one of the orphans to choose his Baju Melayu
Even Sharveen is helping them to make their choice
Cikgu Ishak and Pn Kamariah helping the boys to choose a matching Kain Pelekat for their Baju Melayu
After the Baju and the Kain, next they go look at the kopiahs
Cikgu Suhaimi helping a boy to choose a suitable kopiah
The proprietor of the shop giving zakat to the orphans. Each boy got an extra set of Baju Melayu as zakat from her.
The teachers who came today. Puan Bazuniza left early as her daughter was feeling sleepy.
Ustaz Zul helping a boy to choose his capal
Cikgu Suhaimi, Cikgu Ishak and three of the boys
A group photo together before Cikgu Ishak and Cikgu Suhaimi send the boys back to the Pondok.

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